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At Smart Life Solutions we care about families, community and the planet. We want to help you step onto your path toward a greener tomorrow . . . for the ones you love.

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Lifestyle | Environment

  • Toxins in our Food
  • Toxins in our Medicines
  • Toxins in our Cleaning Products
  • Global Pollution

Financial Security

  • Economic Volatility
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At Smart Life Solutions we refer people, like you to healthy “American Made” organic, environmentally safer products in categories you already use, so there is no additional spending!

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Our Products

Inspired by nature proven science, we define value as the perfect combination of science, ingredients, performance, easy access and prices so you can bring wellness home affordably.

If you want to help a child with Asthma, get the toxins out of your life, lose weight, or provide the safest environment for your family this is the way to start.


You receive the best and freshest products manufactured in America delivered to your door.

Our Story

Think of our offer to you as similar to “Friendship Bread”

If you have been on this planet any real length of time; you or someone in your family, most likely received the “Friendship Bread” gift, along with a gooey plastic bag of starter dough and recipe for making more, so you too could share with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers . . . “Share the Joy” by connecting through bread.

Well, a while ago . . .

A close friend “Shared Their Joy” with us by presenting a greener “health and wellness product line”. They also shared how their income became supplemented merely by referring others to this awesome way of shopping. Which we now jokingly refer to as our “21st Century Laptop Lifestyle”.

After watching their webinar we decided to give the products a try, starting with only the products we purchased regularly at the store. So it was “no extra cost” to our monthly budget. We fell in love with the products and expanded our choices with each shopping order.

Next thing . . .

We’re so impressed with the results we can’t help but share our experience with others! Just like our friend did with us. We really are ALL ABOUT THE PRODUCTS! Then there is the passive income that just keeps building . . . like that “Friendship Bread starter dough” when nurtured, your kitchen counter-top soon becomes covered in bags of dough.

It has been such a wonderful experience for our family and friends, we want to “Share The Joy” with you.

Share with you . . . our connection to incredible organic nutrition choices, environmentally safer household items, and so much more. 2+ million consumers and growing!

And, only if you’re interested . . .

The “laptop lifestyle” we fell into because our friend shared with us their results.

Clinically Tested | Special Diet Needs

Products are specially formulated with no soy, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, non-GMO and Kosher, finest ingredients that are delicious and healthy!

Nutrition | Weight Loss

Cutting edge of science and nature combined to give you the best vitamins, weight loss and sports nutrition, premium coffees, teas and specialty drinks.

Safer Households

Household cleaning products so safe they don’t require “child-proof” caps! Eco friendly at affordable prices!

Bath | Beauty | Body

Clinically proven, anti-aging skincare, safe cosmetics, salon quality hair-care, dental and hygeine products.

Essential Oils

Purity tested, quality gauranteed, incredible value compared to competition.

Crave Busters

Scientifically formulated for metabolism & energy support, carbohydrate & sugar cravings, and healthy weight management. Vegan and Gluten-Free high protein dietary supplements.

Nutritious Snacks

Home Fragrances | Laundry

Home fragrances, enviromentally safer for your household, dish and laundry cleaners, all significantly less than retrail brands.

Medicine Cabinet

Clincally proven skin lotion therapy, economical first-aid, skin care, acne treatment, pain and heartburn treatment, cold and sinus, natural insect repellant.

Want to Transform Your Toxic Lifestyle?

Affordable, Excellent, Environmentally Safer Solutions Are Here!

Become a Healthier You and Help Heal the Planet at the Same Time!



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